It’s Time To Accessorize Those Dreadlocks!

Hey! Sweet Dreadlocks!
We Hate To Cover Them Up But That’s Our Gig. We Have A Summer Sale On Now! Get Your Dread Hat before fall.
But hurry, when they’re gone, they’re gone. We keep a tight inventory level.

The Story Behind The Hats For Dreadlocks…  “The Original Hats For Dreadlock Accessories Shop”
It all started in the Fall of 2005 when we saw grandma crocheting  hats on a park bench while watching her grandchildren play on the swings. She was making a special hat just for dreadlocks for a close friend of hers.

We said “Hey, why not sell your hats on the internet grandma!?”
Grandma replied… what the heck is the internet? And like they say… the rest is history.

Our site and store may not be as pretty as others, we’re just not that tech savvy, but our hats for dreadlocks are unique and beautiful. In fact we consider them the best. And soon we will be adding more natural products for your dreadlocks. We plan on products such as all natural dreadlock shampoos & conditioners. Free formed beads made out of earthy materials. Plus lots of recycled handcrafted fashion items, dreadlock wraps, pilot hats, sleeves and coils.

hat for dreadlocks in wheat color

our new hat for dreadlocks rasta hat styleSome of our products are one of a kind.

Our hats for dreadlocks sell out extremely fast when we finish up a batch. And  they are all hand-crafted with love and attention to detail. We have special patterns unique to and found no where else.

So there you go… that’s us in a nutshell… hope you enjoy our products!

….. ” Now if you are an artisan who makes products for dreadlocks, send us an email. We’d love to share your products with our dreadlocked friends.

Like us on Facebook and keep up with what we’re doing. From time to time we have tips on keeping your dreadlocks healthy naturally.

— We hope you enjoy our little shop & happy dreading! :peace

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